NYC's Best Florist
    • A simply elegant arrangement of thirty-six red roses.

      Three Dozen Red Roses


    • Twelve beautiful long-stemmed white roses.

      Classic White Dozen


    • There can never be enough red roses.

      Abundance of Love


    • A garden of wonderful roses.

      Zen Roses (Many Colors Available)


    • A simple, elegant bouquet.

      A Ring of Love (Many Colors Available)


    • Wonderful tulips in your choice of color or colors.

      Simply Tulips (Many Colors Available)


    • A bouquet with pink roses.

      Perfect Pink Roses


    • A romantic mix of reds and pinks make a beautiful bouquet.

      Be Mine Arrangement


    • A bouquet with gorgeous reds, pinks and whites

      Luv U Bouquet


    • A simply gorgeous bouquet with lavender.

      Lavender in Love


    • Lovely pinks with white highlights.

      Passionate Pinks


    • Whites make an amazing bouquet.

      Majestic White


    • Vibrant roses make an amazing arrangement.

      Elegance in Roses


    • A great arrangement of a dozen roses.

      Classic Dozen


    • A lovely bouquet with six red roses.

      Cupid's Six Pack


    • Soft colors make a wonderful bouquet.

      Sophisticated Elegance


    • Beautiful yellow flowers.

      A Sunny Dozen


    • Elegant arrangement of stargazers, roses, and larkspur, sure to please. Available in many colors.

      Stargazers, Roses & Larkspur


    • Red roses and flowers in a cube vase.

      Classic Cube


    • Three dozen of the finest red roses. Available in many colors.

      Lush Red Roses


    • Bowl of spring tulips; seasonal availability.

      Bowl Of Spring Tulips - Choice Of Color


    • A lovely bouquet with yellow flowers.

      Sun Kissed


    • A colorful bouquet.



    • Simple bouquet.

      Stately Callas


    • A basket of lovely buds.

      Buds in Love Basket (Many Colors Available)


    • A gorgeous bouquet with soft and vibrant pinks.

      Inviting Spring


    • Soft colors in a bowl.

      Garden of Love


    • Cream flowers make a wonderful bouquet.

      Cream Delight


    • Birds of paradise perfectly arranged in a designer dish.

      Stunning Birds Of Paradise